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Originally Posted by satchmo3 View Post

Do you make a drop in replacement for a BMW F800GS, and if so would I want 12 cell or 16 cell?
Couldn't find my bike on your website chart.

We make the drop in for the F800 it our YTX12-12 or YTX12-16 (12-cell version or 16-cell version)... Same case size an format as the YTX14 that is spec'ed by the Manufacture. 12-Cell or 16-Cell depends on type of riding mostly... The 16-Cell will have more cranking amps pretty massive power compared to a lead acid and a bit more capacity than the 12-Cell version. This would benefit if you ride more often in colder climates, or have extra accessories on the bike. The reason for the benefit in colder climates is basically because the more cranking amps you have, the more overhead you would have for cranking in colder climates.

All lithium batteries have a cold lag... in very cold temps the battery will seem a bit more sluggish but will self warm after some amp discharges and get back to full power...but with a more powerful battery in the first place the effect is not as pronounced. Hence bigger Cranking Amps equals better cold weather starting. This is an area where we can trump the other lithium manufactures becasue we can offer much more power in the same physical size.



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