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More bad news on the choke front from Chris today. He heard back from Sudco and they said that many people have tried to put chokes into the FCR's and no one has ever managed to do it. He also said that Keihin has no interest making it and won't even sell Sudco the internal parts. So bummer there.

Now this part might be good news: Chris managed to get my epoxied carb apart and discovered that the internals are similar to the MX with o-rings between the channels, passages etc. None of the passages are drilled of course. Chris thinks he could do the machining to make the choke fit and be functional but because of the huge amount of work involved it would cost between $250 and $300 but would include the cables, splitter, choke etc.

For those of you with FCR's - is it worth it?

Before we get too far along on our speculation we'd have to actually put chokes on my carbs and make them work. You never know if Keihin had a really good reason for not putting chokes on their carbs so we need to prove it can be done first. If it can be done, we need to decide (or rather Chris does) if it's worth the effort. And then those with the carbs would need to decide if it's worth the expense.

My sense of it is that Chris should go for it and offer a full kit with all the problems solved so it's a bolt on solution which will make it easier for those without the mechanical resources or skills. Thoughts?

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