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Originally Posted by Butters View Post
I don't think that discards the battery. It might, if the bike was getting a full 12+ volts while being jumped. Earlier you said the injector had 10 volts. I know an X Bike will not run at that voltage. That low voltage could be due to being discharged, or it could be due to a bad cell. Also, 10V on the voltmeter isn't the same as 10V under load.

I don't know how the system is wired, but unlike most cars, the X Bike needs a healthy battery. If your battery has a bad cell, no charging will revive it and the bike will not run. So even if the stator is putting out 12+ volts, having the bad battery still messes with the efi system for some reason.

to eliminate this possibility, I would totally remove the battery and either replace it, throw in a known good battery, or wire it up to your car battery (without your battery in the system).
I see, I guess you're right and all I can see still points to battery, faulty cable or faulty fuel pump.

I measured the wire that gets to the pump again and it gets 10.6 volts, its clearly possible that a cable is damaged somewhere, as I measured voltage on other cables and got 13.2.

Also cleaned the injector which wasn't actually bad, followed this

as I had the plug of the canister was able to make a nice tidy connector.

Today I took the bike to the dealer as I haven't been able to find the root of the problem and its a real pain to commute on the car. I'll post their findings.

Thanks everybody for the help

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