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Yep, the screen works well.
My reasoning is when I rode the little thing to work a couple of days ago, I managed to average 74kph for the trip. Huh?

We had a storm brewing, and I had to ride into the teeth of a 40-50kph headwind. I almost had to hold it flat for the trip, and got here with only a few minutes to spare before going on watch. I already get up at 0100 to get ready and ride, getting up at 0030 is just too hard. Then I had to ride home in between watches to repair some storm damage at home, so up at 0230 to go on watch, get off watch at 1500, ride home through blustery 40kph sidewinds, fix the light damage (mainly to stop the dog going walkabout! It took out the fence), have a quick bowl of "Salami soup" (mmmmm! Vege soup with split peas and finely sliced thin salami stick), then ride back to work into the blustery headwind again. I got back at 1900 just in time to go to bed and do it all again. The total travelling time compared to something that will sit on 110kph was an extra 35 minutes. I've done the trip variously in an old crappy dinosaur Ford ute (1hr5mins), Supra TT (an hour easy or less), Vmax (42mins!!! HAHA!), but 1hr20mins is too long.

So now it's crossroads time. I rekn it will sit on 90kph normally, but winds kick it around big time. I really need something that will easily do 100kph without too much strain, and 110+ when really needed (like yesterday), just in case of emergencies at home, and to ensure punctuality at work.

I can get double the power pretty easily out of this little aircooled motor, with a combination of parts from Germany and Italy, and a healthy dose of good-old-fashioned race knowhow and tools in the shed, and it will do what I want I think, parts cost should be around $700. The other option is to trade the little feel-good scoot on a Sportcity 250/300 or a big fat-bummed maxiscoot (gotta love girls with big bums! ), which sounds way too much like common sense to me! The resale value of the bike isn't important, once it does what I want I'll keep it, but they're not worth a lot anyway.

Decisions, decisions.......
Who the hell would drag race a Ducati?!?!?!?!
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