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Originally Posted by FR700 View Post
50+ inches of track , hardly any lead , massive front overhang
The frontal length, approach angle thing is an issue, IMHO. That's why I had a new body designed / built for mine.

If they've got the geometry correct, it's correct.

I can't see why you'd leave the bike tyre on the bike & have a wider tyre on the sidecar. I'd be inclined to switch the tyres over.

The suspension looks trick. Is it complicated for engineering appearance. Maybe they figured that the Paralever / whatever-lever setup on the BM deserved something that looks trick. Maybe they couldn't get the performance they wanted with it inside the wheel diameter, or maybe they just did that so it was easy access to the spring/damper for adjustments. How about changing the shocker for one of those ESA jobbies that BMW use these days?

I love the looks. You dont' get appearance nor performance cheap.

Question is, are you getting both for your money?
The answer will be different for every owner, or potential owner.

At least they've made a righty & a lefty
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