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Originally Posted by Elvis70 View Post

Surprise, I am not dead! I am just busy, busy with the kids and all the holiday crap. Bought almost all our gifts online. Not that there are that many, but a few for the kids. I got a ticket in a small town coming home, was busy rewinding a few seconds on the book I was listening too, missed a speed drop and got caught in a trap. $160 mistake, so no new bike seat for me. Another example of how when the government takes your money it hurts the economy.

So what is all the get together to eat locations all about? Starting a regular meet?

I don't know if I ever told you guys I got Sophia to ride the motorcycle with me a few months back. She was really scared of it, but once she got up the nerve she loved it. We we going about 15mph and she says, "why you going super fast?" I had promised super slow. She is funny.

Will try to pay attention and see when the lunch, or breakies are and try and make one now and then.

We will be in Vegas for Christmas visiting Marina's family. Staying at New York, New York again. Stayed there years ago.

I so dread the holiday crowds, but Marina's Mom is coming from Vegas and she isn't young.

Those tickets hurt that is for sure. I drove to Colorado for Thanksgiving, and back 945 miles each way. Made it home in just under 13 hours. Could of done a little better but darn coffee seems to run through the system to fast.

I am flying into Vegas on the 20 to see my brother and his family for Christmas, then home on the 27. Ticket cost less than the fuel to go one way. Sure will beat drive 1650 miles each way, too.
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