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Originally Posted by guavadude View Post
Maybe Apple will open things up a bit with the thunderbolt plug but I doubt it.

Having trouble moving the CN map to the SD card. I first tried just dragging it over on my desktop but it choked at the end saying there was an error reading the file. Then I tried Javawa MOVE function and it appeared to be working and then apparently choked at the end as well. I renamed the file and inserted spaces so I'm going to see if that's the issue.

One thing I'm a little confooosed about is the gmapsupp.img file. So when you install using MapInstall it wants to create one large gmapsupp.img, then you need to move that to the card and rename it to install something else to the that right?

Or use Javawa to move the file?

Also in Javawa I see how you can enable the maps to be seen in Basecamp but is this even necessary if I've installed the maps in Basecamp?
I've done it and they are being loaded now by Basecamp, just not sure why you'd want that.
Huh. Should be able to simply cut/paste in Windows Explorer.

Yes, each time MapInstall sends a map, it uses gmapsupp.img for the file name. I rename them as soon as they are finished, then copy/move them as needed. Then, start sending the next map.

Enabling maps on your GPSr for visibility in BaseCamp is only useful if you want to use those maps in BaseCamp. If you already have them installed on your computer, you probably do not want to waste time waiting for BaseCamp to read and index each redundant map every time you connect your device.
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