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Originally Posted by JustKip View Post
In the Hyperstrada thread I mentioned that that new bike might sway me from my intended purchase of a new Monster, and I recieved this reply...

and it got me wondering just WTF is wrong with a Monster?
Is there anybody who's not a n00b with 8 posts saying "trust me" with any real reason not to get a Monster?
This is why it bugs me so much when some assbutt on the intertubes says "trust me." Sod off, dude. I don't know you. You're trying to convince me of something, so do it. Use your words like a big boy!

Snatchy throttle, low rpm response, and the bargain bin suspension on SOME monsters make them a no-bueno deal for me. Though some monsters came with better parts than others.
But if you want one you should go get one. I meter a bike by how well it does in 35mph traffic stopngo, tiight turns, and zipping down backroads. Il Monstro 900 was bellissimo on the backroads at 45mph + for me.

Screw it. You only live once. Buy it.
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