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Originally Posted by LittleWan View Post
Good god, Aimee!
What happened? It looks like you probably canít talk about it.
You make it sound so good, I'm intrigued...
I googled around - is this the Pauley Creek Trail you and PinkPillion are talking about?
Yes, it's a Fight Club thing.
It wasn't a two up eat it. I was on my Husky.
This last spring, went down Butcher Ranch Trail at the trailhead. Somewhere along Butcher ranch, I broke my mirror off, leaving the ballmount metal part still on the bar. It was kind of jagged and razor sharp, but really didn't think about it. Until I was going up the waterfall singletrack section of Upper Pauley Creek, and hit a tree root. The mount slammed my chin right under my helmet and punctured a huge 2 in across and 1 inch deep hole. The blood immediately started gushing like a stuck pig. I sat down and waited for Richard to come back down the hill to find me. Duct taped the wound and had to ride out 8+ miles--in a mild shock situation. Dizzy and sick, but I made it back to the truck. Hell yah. Lesson to all...take off the WHOLE damn broken mirror mount.

I think the video is Butcher Ranch to Downieville? We turn up at the junction. It takes you to a green footbridge across the creek, then through a Rubiconish dark rocky uphill. It loops back to Gold Lake with plenty of babyheads across the trail.

Good times though, good times!
You two could probably spend a week riding the Gold Lakes area. Other gnarly trails like the Divides are quite challenging. PM if you head back that way and need some ideas.
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