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Originally Posted by Big Bird 928 View Post
well, is this normal?

At Live Oaks, I was the only one to go towards the bridge, A13 vs B-1 I got tired of no artillery support or any assistance to take the heavy down, so I went past him to their cap and took out their arty and captured the base...

why was everyone else patting themselves on the back saying what a good job they did? I guess if they didn't keep the rest occupied by catching their rounds then I wouldn't have succeeded, but still.

Btw, I am BigBird928 on WoT.
Sometimes we just don't really realize the work others do.

You can really check to see if your team was keeping the enemy engaged by the end score report by putting tanks in order from highest to lowest XP earned (while also taking a look at damage amounts and kills). It's a pretty fair report of how 98% of the tanks in the game contribute to the overall effort since damage done to higher tier tanks is weighted heavier for lower tires. It's not uncommon to have a tier 9 earning the most XP in a tier ten pub battle.

Yeah, pubs these days are about as bad as they have ever been, so at that tier I'm sure you had some real fucktards... so it is kinda normal for a flank to be unguarded. And you did the right thing by doing what I call "negating" a very slow tank (like that B1). Likewise, not every enemy T95 needs to be addressed to win games - I 'negate' poorly placed ones and just go (sometimes far) around them to cap or do whatever.

So your teams had arty - with enough arty both teams can, and often do, run for the city and ignore the bridges... so it could have been a calculation on their part that the enemy wouldn't be taking the bridges either. Without the end reports and such, it's just too tough to say it was all normal due to dickbag-gery, or due to tactics.
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