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I've been working too much!

Day 3:

Some pics on the way out of Comb Wash via Snow Flats road

The plan is to head down this road to Lake Powell and camp (50ish miles), take another route out (50ish miles) and go straight to get fuel. I'll need it....

There was a lot of this. Some was deep and super soft, the front tire would hit and it felt like I'd grabbed the front brake then a huge cloud of dust would explode that was like talcum powder. Definitely not the sand I'm used to.

This was the most difficult spot of the whole trip. I've convinced myself that my road is not going to get me to the lake. I'm out of the main drainage and the road appears to go up a side canyon. According to the GPS I'm only a few miles from the lake. I'm thinking that this road has long been closed and the side canyon I'm heading up is a side road that's on my map and dead ends. Fuel is closer and absolute if I push on and make it but not so if I have to backtrack. I REALLY want to push on, I REALLY want to make it through, I REALLY want to camp at the lake. I eat lunch and debate myself .

The fact win: If I go as little as 20 miles more and have to turnaround I may not make it to fuel, forget that I'm not even sure there IS fuel where I'm going. After crossing the creek bed a few miles ago I have seen zero tracks in the dirt. This road has just been graded and I'm the first on this section. I HATE in and out rides I want a loop! Oh well back I go.

Here's an example of the freshly graded road.

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