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Hi there

I am riding motorcycles for more then 6 years now and started riding offroad once i got my Ktm adv - which is about 1 year now. I do trails, nasty uphills, gravel and all. I even do sand (we do have a sort of small desert in Poland). I try to ride as much as i can, but need to limit it to weekends only - for obvious reasons.

I ride with a couple of good guys on, respectively, lc4 and xr650. I do stay behind a lot. I do lose control on sand (although i try not to as much as i can), i still have problems with deep ruts and sharp turns on the trail (especially if on the hill - mainly uphill).

Im in my 30s and i keep hearing that maybe i am too old for offroad, that i will never learn how to do it properly.. Especially from those guys - who ride 20y+

Is that true? Will my skills stop improving and should i give up and stick to pavement? I love offroad, i really do, but such comments from experienced riders kind of blast my enthusiasm away...
There are about 50 riders in my group of offroad riding buddies. There are a lot of good riders. Several had some kind of prior racing experience (motocross, enduro, hare scrambles), including a few higher level racers. One of the faster and more skilled riders in our group didn't start riding until he was in his 30's. I don't think it's too late at all to continue to improve your skills.

Like some of the others have said, I would suggest a smaller offroad bike to work on your skills. A 200 - 450 is much more forgiving and in most cases much more fun in the dirt.
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