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Originally Posted by CBRider View Post
I've never ridden a bike with a sidecar, but have a growing interest in getting one soon. Been riding motorcycles since the early 1970s. I'm thinking about a Ural, primarily because they have a reverse gear. I don't want to start another debate over the reliability or maintenance requirements of a Ural, there are plenty of threads here on that subject. I can handle working on my own bike.

What I am not sure of is how important 2 wheel drive is. I'll be riding a lot of small county roads, many will be dirt/gravel, but not real steep or rocky. Also I will occasionally head out to the Big Bend area. I think a reverse gear is important, but how about 2 wheel drive? Will I regret getting a hack with single drive?

Any input is appreciated...
Howdy CBRider,

This issue comes up every other week it seems and the same answers are given. Those who have a vested interest in one wheel drive rigs will constantly say its not needed, some who have it will tell you its indispensable, so the decision on who to believe is up to YOU.

As you asked for opinions, here's mine. If I didn't want reverse AND two wheel drive I could have bought a nicer, faster rig for the same money as I paid for the Ural Gear-Up. In fact I have in my stable a very nice BMW-GS rig that Jay has hacked and it serves me well in a very civilized environment compared to what I usually ride the Ural in.

What do YOU want to do with the rig, think about and answer that question; an honest answer to that question will provide you with the information you need to make and educated decision on what type of rig to spend your money on.

In the 6 years and well over 100,000 klicks I have been beating the holy HELL out of Ural's I have probably used two wheel drive in total perhaps 2-3,000 of those klicks, HOWEVER I would NEVER have been able to cover those klicks with a one wheel drive rig. To me and the type of riding that I enjoy a one wheel drive rig with twice the horse power and a tire twice as wide could NOT go on many the trails or places I usually take my Ural. Then again a rig with twice the horse power and a tire twice as wide as the Ural would in some instances go place and at speeds my Ural wouldn't. Thats why I have more then one tool in my tool box.

An additional note, to me REVERSE is used much more often then two wheel drive. Again you will hear that its easy to push a sidecar rig backwards, on level ground I will agree. Try doing it in mud, or snow, or deep sand, or backwards up a hill that is covered with rocks. Better yet try to turn a rig that doesn't have reverse around on a road 8-10 feet wide carved out of the side of a mountain when the road is slick for whatever reason or sloped toward a 500 foot DROP over the edge of a cliff.
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