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Thumb Old Beater Red XJ650 Turbo

Thanks a zillion for helpful support from the turbo community out there....everyone! I bought this bike on a lark because I LOVED certain aspects of the 1980s-- especially the music and more freestyle experimentation in art, design, lifestyle etc....of course some aspects of the 80s sucked big time!!! Especially the Reaganesque raping of the country by big business and out of control corporate raider a-holios in Washington and Wall Street....but to return to the point....I wanted a really unique bike and one I could restore and ride around when it's finished in L.A..... I envisioned I would ride around here dressed up in some kind of space-age silver leathers like a wacked out 80s escapee cross between Gary Numan, Klaus Nomi, David Bowie, Gary Glitter(sans pedophile impulses) KISS, and other lunatics. from that time.... I remember seeing these bikes back then and a buddy had a KAWASAKI GPZ and then a Yamaha FJ1100. I wanted a turbo but it was a bit now I have one!!!.......... I can now see how difficult finding some new parts will be since so much is considered obsolete in our fanatic world of "NEWNESS" above all. Little things like the intake rubber manifolds, seals, bearings, seat covers, lenses, windshields, and plastics etc. are getting hard to locate. But it's good to have like minded afficionados out there in all kinds of interests and thank god we can all commiserate, communicate, pontificate, gesticulate, and masticate via the net! .. I was considering painting the bike in the stock silver paint scheme but I'm VERY open to any artistic suggestions to really emphasize the TURBO aspect of this bike...anyone who has creative juices to come up with a really fascinating paint job I would welcome.. something that YAMAHA--- COULD HAVE DONE ---with more creative artistic sensibilities lurking somewhere in the company...I KNOW there are lots of "undiscovered" geniuses out there that are incredibly talented musically and visually and I welcome any wild or even conservative paint schemes to bring out the TURBO side of the bike....even a space shuttle view of a typhoon from space would look cool on the fairing to indicate "turbo"........I welcome someone just posting an artistic rendition here or email a scheme to me..I'd really like the bike to stand out from all the mundane looking modern "street-racer" sport bikes all around...sure they're faster, more "techno" advanced, and more slick, but they are a dime a dozen around here and have no funky "SOUL" to endearing or even frightening idiosyncracies like turbo-lag.... so come on all you visual geniuses--- CREATE a look Yamaha "SHOULD HAVE" or "COULD HAVE"...I'll paint the bike in your scheme by taking a vote here for the best........
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