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Originally Posted by mung View Post
Your slow speed jet is clogged. Take the float bowl off and remove pilot jet and clean or replace. Then set air screw to about one and one half turns.It should run sweet.
I looked at that a while ago, and even compared it with a spare, but I guess I was looking for physical damage rather than clogging. Ill check again when Im back at the garage next week.

Originally Posted by Sting32 View Post
99 times out of 100, if a bike sits for more than 3 months with today's gas, the carb is gunked up. alcohol in the fuel compounds this problem since the chemicals that have to be in the gas, to keep the alcohol (and water) suspended in the fuels, last about 29days, in small quantities.

SO you need to clean the carb carefully, there are usually 2 "jets" which are screw in, gas limiting devices, AKA special bolts with calibrated hole size in it. the hole is plugged or half plugged

Just FYI, IF you can find NON ethanol gas, and add stabil (there are other brands, and yep Ima havin a brain fart on which one I have) you can extend the storage.

Dad and I started a small (antique) farmall tractor that we parked 12 years ago, or we think at least. there was 5 or more gallons of "old style" fuel in the tank. It still ran, the gas in anything lately smells like shit after a few months, this gas smelled fairly good.

ALSO, It has been a hot (drought) on the farm, I have lawnmowers that you have to re-clean the carbs between mowing (less than once a month), if you DON'T run with Stabil like products, and non ethanol fuels.
I've started using stabil (or something like that) when storing my Transalp or brothers Africa Twin, but those never sit long enough to leave enough crap in the carbs to notice it. I guess if this is the problem with the Scorpa I'll have learned the hard way and won't do again

Thanks for your help guys. I'll take a look and report my findings next week. As far as cleaning utensils.... careful use of toothbrush, needle and/or compressed air should do the trick?

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