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Originally Posted by augiedog View Post
In a 2005 long distance trial run I ran from Gastonia NC to Devils Tower Wyoming, 1835 mi in 23 hrs 35min. I was riding a FZ-1 set up for Iron Butt rallys with a 10.5 gallon fuel cell. It was the longest of several rides I have done over the last 6 years on the same bike. Here is a picture of the bike as it was set up in 2005.]
Did you submit that ride to the IBA for certification? I couldn't fin an FZ-1 doing a BBG of 1835 miles on the IBA rides adnn rules site

What ride certificate were you awarded ?

When I calculated your route on the map I got 1746 miles not 1835 miles did you ride a non direct route for some special reason?

The IBA rules for fuel tankage is no more than 11.5 gallons in total so why did you run a 10.5 gallon fuel cell, since your total fuel capacity would be 5.6 gallons plus the 10.5 gallon cell, for a total capacity of 16.1 gallons

Your overall average speed at 1835 miles would be 77.8091 mph, considering you would have to make at least 5 fuel stops at 12 minutes each your riding time would be reduced to 22:35 and your moving average speed would increase to 81.2546 mph.

Can you share with us your trip report for this a ride?

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