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[QUOTE=clintnz;20144738]Have you tried one of the free pic hosting sites like photobucket as a backup to smugmug? Or is it just a daggy connection?

Photobucket is crap, try and retrieve a photo stored longer then say 12 mths. Go and read old RR's on ADV and those who have not used Smugmug have lost their photo's. I can go back 5 years when I first started using Smugmug, and all my photo's which number in the thousands, are still there.

(Have fun on the trip north. If you do get a slot in the Dusty Butt in January we are sailing over 12 Jan & will be touring & camping through a few cool places where you definitely haven't been yet on the way down.)

I hope to return to the south to do the DB, but I have no fixed plans after the BMW rally. Anything could happen, who knows? I'm always open to suggestions, and if I get a better proposition. Well! It was not just the fush and chups that I made a beeline to Hokotika for

I have more moves then a chessboard

But I will catch up with you and Rosie
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