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Hopelessly impractical, tiny fuel range, poor running stock below 3500rpm, shockingly expensive to run, old-fashioned steering, not very comfortable stock, bits fall off ... need I go on.

Funny thing is, I can't get rid of it. Can't quite believe I'll get the same kick from anything else.

There are Monsters and Monsters tho. Which one attracted you? I'd imagine the new EVOs are superb solo all-rounders with question marks over only the stock suspension and the shortage of top-end zip (if that matters - I think they do about 90hp at the wheel). Steering updated, I believe (as in, quicker). Running costs too should be much more reasonable than on mine, with the 2V air-cooled motor and wet clutch.

One of the journos at Bike UK had an M1100s (the Ohlins version) for a year and raved about it. Even thought it was brilliant on long high-speed trips.

Funny thing is, that "traditional" naked riding stance, leaning a fair way forward onto low-ish 'bars, is a bit wearing around town but comes into its own on the highway. Cruising at 70-80mph you are beautifully balanced against the breeze. Can't see that from the new Hyper: you'd be relying on the 'screen.

Perhaps your dissuading poster thought the Monster would not answer your stated riding needs.
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