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Price In Oz

Looking at the places where the official price for the 1190 Adventure has been released (UK, Eu, US) all of them seem to have had a 25-30% hike over the previous 990 model.

Following that (possibly faulty) logic and bearing in mind that the current retail for a 990 in Aus, on is around the A$22,000 are we looking at A$28,000+ for an 1190 Adventure, before even adding any options?

I have a deposit down for an 1190 Adventure but if the price is up there are at that kind of level, i.e. way over A$30,000 when you have added panniers and an Akrapovic pipe then I will probably have to pull out.

I love the bike and I really, really want one but KTM will need to be vary careful with their pricing if they are to sell many of these in Oz. Having said that, it maybe that they will be like a Ferrari in that they will only ever import 1 less than they can sell at an inflated price and there will be enough people prepared to pay north of 30K to justify the pricing.

Here's hoping that they price them to compete and not as a niche player for those with big money. The other problem with such a big hike if it happens is that they risk alienating the 990 fans who will be looking to upgrade/buy a new bike.

Thoughts from the floor?

P.S. I am aware that is not a straight read across in pricing policy from the RoW to Aus and that factors such as import duties and transportation costs vary everywhere but you would have thought that with the strength of the A$ right now they could afford to keep the price down and still make a good profit. Here's hoping....
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