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Originally Posted by stellars View Post
That's right :-D

I feel very young anyway - there's however always a question whether you are able to learn to ride enduro being 30+. And apparently answer is YES.

You always look at those videos on Youtube - at the guys doing all that crazy stuff and wandering if You'd ever be able to ride like that. I was told (by the riders I ride with) - that you'd never learn that since your comfort zone is too small. When younger - your comfort zone is large enough to absorb all sorts of mistakes and crazy stuff you try.

Apparently not so, very much - I keep pushing my comfort zone further and further. What scared me to death a year ago - today doesn't even raise adrenaline level. Or maybe agitates me a just a little bit

I was kind of confused whether in your 30s you'd be able to push that zone far enough to actually make some good progress. You guys have made it clear that YES WE CAN :-D

I did the highest level of BMW's UK Off Road School earlier in the year (Level 3). At 30, I was the youngest in the class by several years. Although everyone in the class had a pretty good degree of trail riding experience and was comfortable riding offroad, no one was what I would call an advanced offroad rider. No one had done any of what many people would refer to as "difficult" big GSes before (although a few of us had on Enduro bikes). Despite this, we all managed to get the basics down of the techniques and got noticeably better as the day went on. On a personal note, I've now got the confidence to use these things as appropriate on my own bike when trail riding.
For reference, the sort of things I'm talking about include:
Jumping the bike 3-4 feet in the air off ramps.
Jumping a few inches on the flat, Trials-style using suspension preload to get over ruts/the walls of the middle of the trail,
Drift turns.
"Spin on the spot"
Riding terrain that most people would consider impassible on a GS (EG for UK folks The right hand side of the Quarry from Dusk to Dawn!)

I should emphasise I am still not very good at any of the above; but as to whether it's possible to learn them at all, or if you'll be too scared to even try them: yes, you can learn them and no, it's not too scary!

Keep at it, you'll keep getting better!
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