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2 weeks to go

Quiet and steady progress this week. Iím writing this post on the 1835hrs train from London Waterloo which means that the unlocked broadband dongle has arrived and is working. Iím hoping to buy a sim card in Russia in order that I can communicate whilst on the road. The dongle did take some setting up, but Iíve used it with various telecoms providers and it seems to work well.

Iíve also got a new back tyre and spare inner tubes but not fitted them yet as Iíve not collected the bike. Kyle hasnít phoned so I donít know if thatís because the bikeís beyond repair or due to the appalling weather theyíve had in Dorset itís actually floated away.

Visa is still awaited, but after a bit of a cock-up on my part it is now at the Embassy.

Iíve had an email from the Channel Tunnel Company (wot not a letter, or more vouchers, or even a fax). They informed me that they donít actually send paper tickets but I do have a code to use at check-in. Marvellous.

Iím hoping to go to the Festival of Slow tomorrow with the girls. Maybe a project for next year after youngest daughter has finished her A Levels. On Sunday my wife and I are cycling 50 miles on the tandem in the Wantage to Winchester Hyde 900 event. Our training (the occasional bike ride) was going quite well until about a month ago, but the weather has put a stop to it. Never mind, itís only 50 miles. My training this week has consisted of purchasing two family sized bags of jelly babies from a Sainsburyís garage. (Bargain, only a pound each). And walking to the pub for a beer with mates. My wife did offer to give me a lift in the car to the pub but I declined on the grounds of maintaining my physical prowess. (I have the body of a god Ė Buddha).

So, I wonít be doing much towards the trip over the next few days. What is nice though is that this last week Iíve noticed quite a number of signs ď17 days to goĒ, ď16 days to goĒ, ď15 days to goĒ. I even saw a massive electronic board in Stratford London today. Liz thinks theyíre counting down to the day the Olympics begin, but we all know theyíre actually counting down to the start of my Winchester to Vladivostok adventure. Iím sure the world will temporarily forget about wars, famine, economics and even the bloody Olympics and tune in to an epic adventure of an overwieght middle aged man on a bike (bought on Ebay) plodding across the Russian hinterland. You never know, there could be a film in itÖÖ..
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