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1 week to go

Marvellous news, I collect the bike tomorrow. Bob and Kyle have been sourcing parts in The Motherland (a new coil) so apparently the shed is now once again a bike.

Iíve also got my passport back. I think itís got the right visa in it, but as the stampís completely in Russian I canít be too sure.

Liz and I finished the Wantage to Winchester last Sunday. We were the fastest tandem to finish, purely by virtue of the fact that we were the only tandem to start.

I managed a very wet hour at the Festival of Slow on Saturday. Here are the dryer highlights:-

I want one of those 125cc, 2 stroke mobility scooters for my dotage. Perhaps KTM would like to consider building one, (whereas for years BMW have been producing bikes that feel like a standard mobility scooter [:-))

No doubt a busy week ahead, still need to change the rear tyre, decide what tools to carry, attach the panniers and get some spares.

This time next week Iíll be off Ė I canít waitÖÖÖ.
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