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When it comes to trading motorcycles, nothing is crazy. I've made some stranger trades than that and rarely ever regretted it. I recently traded a Kawasaki Ninja for a Yamaha Zuma 125. I liked the Ninja a lot, but I have severe arthritis, and simply not tolerate the pain the Ninja's riding position caused. I love riding the Zuma. It's not fast, but it's super fun to ride. I have already bought some accessories for it and plan on more. While it is not fast, it can be ridden some serious distances,, and it can be ridden all day without getting too far away from home. It's a relaxed ride that requires a lot less effort than the Ninja.

As for the freeway, a Vespa GTV300 will do just fine, depending on the load. Most scooters of that type (traditional design, not maxi) don't do well on long rides with a passenger. But OTOH, I weigh 220, and the only bike I've ever felt ok with carrying a passenger on was a Goldwing.

As for the Chinese thing, I don't know of a single new bike that does not at least have Chinese parts on it. Many Japanese bikes are made in Taiwan and Thailand, most newer BMWs use Chinese parts, the new BMW scooters use a Kymco engine.
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