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Originally Posted by Michhub View Post
SWEET on a side note....have you got your Pyndon swag yet, well did ya

I commend you for doing so, but no I didn't get the swag. I'll be on the edge of my seat yelling at the computer and doing the F5 dance!!

Originally Posted by scott P View Post

I'm not a big 1050 fan cause of the small front tire.......but I think I'm getting a bit of a chub
stay out of it Mike C
Yeh, the 1050 is really a roadie that you sit straight up on. The Hattar bike only changes out the wheel set.... Uses 950SM hubs and excell wheels. Nothing else was changed. Makes the already really top heavy bike 1.5 inches taller. I was thinking about doing something like this with mine, but there are other insurmountable(by me(I aint JDRocks)) problems as well.... Easy solution though... I'll get a small(ish) dual sport and an XC800.
Now for my choice of dual sport.....I'm really thinking about stepping back from fancy injected water cooled DSs, pushing the easy button, and going for a DR or an XRL.
When this is gonna happen? FUCKING NEVER! . Well maybe if I liquidate some assets, it might happen in 2025.......
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