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Originally Posted by TCN View Post
Thanks for your considered and polite reply LukasM. If you don't have anything interesting to say then why don't you keep your rude trap shut? I am new to this forum and website but I would have thought that old hands like yourself could make the effort to be welcoming rather than disdainful to people like me. Where I come from bikers stick together.

I think I asked a polite question and for some thoughts from the forum you seem to be saying that I have no right to ask a question unless it conforms to what you believe is appropriate on the forum. Perhaps we should send our questions to the Ministry of LukasM (MiLk) for approval before putting them on the forum?

If you believe that what I said is inaccurate then why is the price for the current 990 in the UK around 10,000 pounds and the price for the 1190 around 12,500 pounds (from KTMs website no less). Guess what, that is 25%! Thanks for putting ANY in CAPITALS buy the way, much clearer to UNDERSTAND. If you bother to read my post you will note that I have a deposit down for an 1190 but I am concerned about the price, is this such a terrible issue for me to bring up? Are we only allowed to discuss with 100% of the facts at hand?

These forums are for discussion and opinion not a place to come to be scolded by 'LukasM' from Vienna. Isn't part of the point of a forum 'Speculation'?

Anybody got a worthwhile thoughts to add about my original question?
Dude, get some thicker skin, this is just the internet. Don't take me or anybody else you meet too seriously.

The UK price comparison is irrelevant because they are blowing them out to clear out the inventory. Price difference in Austria is low single digit.

In the end it's all useless speculation based on many unpredictable variables and you have absolutely no influence on the outcome, so why not just wait for the announcement?
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