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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
Dude, get some thicker skin, this is just the internet. Don't take me or anybody else you meet too seriously.

The UK price comparison is irrelevant because they are blowing them out to clear out the inventory. Price difference in Austria is low single digit.

In the end it's all useless speculation and you have absolutely no influence on the outcome, so why not just wait for the announcement?
Thanks, Dude. I'll go out and get some thicker skin. I haven't 'meet' you by the way, this is the internet don't forget. Thing is, because this is the internet (thanks for explaining that, us uneducated types are still amazed by radio), you know nothing about me so your assessment of the 'thickness' of my skin is based on my unhappy reply to your arrogant slap down of the new boy. Most people who know me would say that I have the hide of a Rhino but also I quite like people to make the effort to be civil because it really isn't difficult....... What you seem to be saying is that because this is the internet you can be a bit of a dick? Fair enough. I think that because this is the internet and this is a forum for bikers, by bikers, about bikes there is nothing wrong with being polite to your fellow bikers. If my question or post is a waste of time then don't bother wasting your self-importance trashing it, just ignore it. Simple. Or perhaps you could be polite and use the 2 sentences you bothered to give me to offer up something interesting, useful or constructive.

Anyway, to discuss the second half of your post which was actually useful, I am really pleased that you have a low single digit price difference in Austria. That is interesting and useful information to me and I appreciate it, also it does give me hope, especially as I mentioned before the strong A$ should help KTM make solid profits without big price hikes. I take your point about the UK but I do believe that historically the 990 price has been around 10K in the UK for a while. As a Brit who lives in the middle-east and Australia I don't get home much so I may well be out of date with that.

Speculation can be interesting, in my opinion; but I am also well aware, of course, that discussing it will have no effect on the outcome. However, that is like saying we can't discuss next years Champions League because it will have no effect on the outcome.
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