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Originally Posted by randyo View Post
that rule is for the Ironbutt Rally, not individual rides that you can do anytime, they also state on the IBA website that rides of more than 1800 miles in less than 24 hrs will NOT be published
Well actually how it works is on IBA documented rides is that a rider must get a gas receipt at least every 300 miles and
that gas tankage is not restricted.

Quotes from IBA website


WARNING: If your motorcycle is equipped with a large fuel-tank, please note that you must stop at least once every 300 miles for gas (this is purely for documentation for your ride). Although we know it is possible to ride greater distances non-stop, we will not accept a claim of this type.

1800+ miles

Riding distances over 1800 miles are shown as 1800 + miles

STEP ONE, Choose a route

Your ride needs to be completely documented (steps outlined below) and cover a minimum distance of 1,500 miles in 24 hours or less. In order to keep these rides from becoming a race, mileages in excess of 1,800 miles in less than 24 hours will be published as 1,800+ on the Iron Butt Association web site.

End of website quoteso

What piqued my curiosity on this ride was that I could not find an 1800+ BBG completed by a rider on an FZ-1 listed on the IBA completed ride list
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