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Originally Posted by MizzouRider View Post
I hope I didn't screw up.
I ordered CN NA off Amazon ($61)
I had refined the search for the DVD/CDROM version.
As it turns out, they are sending me the micro card version. I hope it's not a big deal.
What's best? Should I send the micro card back, and get it on disc?
What's the best way to run it on the Montana? And how do I get it in my laptop? If I need it there? If not, how do you do route planning? Base camp?
If you haven't picked it up yet from my questions, I'm not particularly computer or GPS adept.
Don't flame me.. I'm sensitive
Send it back, and get the DVD version.

Only advantage to uSD version is you don't need a computer to install it, and the uSD card can be swapped from one GPSr to another, as the map is locked to the uSD card.

You can use the map in BaseCamp so long as your GPSr is connected with the map card installed.

If you do not want to use the uSD card slot for your own card and data, you may be OK.

The DVD version will install to your computer, and you can use the map in BaseCamp at will. You will also be able to send all or parts of the map to your GPSr as desired/needed.... to your own uSD card, which you can also have other maps and GPS data installed on. You will have to activate your GPSr - and it will be the only GPSr that can read the maps outside of BaseCamp.
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