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Anyone got doctor friends or really smart friends?
So here is my deal I went to the doctor 3 days ago got my blood drawn and now the doctor has not been there for the past 2 days to tell me what to do. I have to leave Panama City to go to the Atlantic to catch a Boat to Colombia.

Here is my problem; It started with sensitive shins a little swelling, then to my feet where...
they started to ache in the morning, then they swelled up big. They have only swelled up huge once. But they ache everytime I wake up or sit for a long time with out moving them, like really bad arthritice. My blood test came back as cholesterol 131 and my uric acid 6.5. Since on the trip I eat very cheap unhealthy street food, do not exscercise (sit on moto for past 3 months) and drink way to much.
I know the obvious, change your diet and start running, but was hoping for some type of diagnosis..

I will wait until I get to Colombia to go to another doctor..

Any help would be great
Hey Fletch

I'm posting this from way back on day 90 which is as far as I've read into your RR so disregard if you have it sorted out ..

I dunno, I googled your levels too and they look OK to me..
One thing a firefighter I spent days/weeks/months on end wearing heavy protective hot turnout boots that are not dissimilar to my current dualsport AlpineStars (not sure what you're wearing for boots)
I developed bad plantar fasciitis from the steel soles and general stiffness of the lower boots.
Could hardly get down the stairs first thing in the morning and my feet and shins would swell.
The pain would radiate from the bottom of my feet in front of the heel bone.

Oh yea, and walking on a sandy beach barefoot REALLY made it worse :/

Got a promotion to a white helmet, got out of my bunker boots and my feet eventually cleared up.
Hot weather plus boots all day, some anti-fungal powder wouldn't hurt either.
Some non-prescription anti-inflammatory ie ibuoprofin can't hurt to try.

You never know, but changing footwear could be worth a shot.
Takes more than a couple of weeks to clear up with different footwear, that's why mine was chronic as long as I wore my boots.

Really enjoying the report, thanks for doing this for all of us!!

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