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Sorry I been off line for awhile. Long day yesterday and didn't get to resort until late. Anyway back to yesterday. Got on the road to San Ramon and San Jose in cloudy conditions and never really hit any rain just some mist but not as bad as the first day..

Some nicer homes in this area.

Here's some road pictures on the way to San Ramon. Tammy says it's not easy taking pictures while going 100 kph but I think she's done fine.

There were a lot of bridges today and the road was extremely windy with no where to pass. Got stuck behind a bus for a long time.

Got to San Ramon and as usual there are signs when you get in town saying which route you want but as you get in the middle of town there aren't any. Stopped at a gas station and found I was about two blocks from my road and headed in the right direction. Great thing down here is everyone wants to help you.

On the Pan American again.

Again traffic wasn't to bad coming into San Jose but where there was construction there were no signs so you have to be ready to change lanes quick. Found our exit with no problem and dropped Tammy at hotel while I returned bike. Had a couple hours to kill waiting for shuttle bus so we had lunch and hung around. Finally on road to Playa Conchal and a 5 hour trip. Enjoyed the bike a hell of a lot better than the shuttle.

Anyway I guess we'll be lazy for a few days and maybe rent some bikes, bicycles that is. I'll check in every once in awhile in case of questions.

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