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Originally Posted by dave6253 View Post
Thanks to everyone that participated and to those that just followed along.

You guys have warmed up the SmugMug servers with nearly a million views of my photos in the past month!

This photo seems to be a favorite of some and captured one of the highlights of our journey.
Although you guys seemed to like it, I wasn't completely satisfied with how it turned out.
Just for you guys, here is a re-do, this time without HDR.

I greatly prefer the non HDR one. I read through your thread in one sitting finding the narrative as well as the pix fascinating. I want to comment that I've never seen nearly as good use of gray scale images in a RR. I have to say major kudos for this aspect of the RR because I've not seen it commented by any others.

To take this trip, capture it in such a wonderful set of images and also to have traveled with your wife....well, Dave, I gotta wonder what you're going to do for an encore. Seems to me you nailed it all down with this one.
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