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real sizes and weights?

hello Scott!

please, can you correct real sizes and weights to your web-shop site (or here), or are all the batteries same size and weights (16 oz)?
I prefer metric, ie. mm and gramms...

I'm very much interested in 12 or 16 cell version, for my KTM 990 adve.

1. what is the difference between
'The Antigravity 12-Cell : 2.3 lbs (about 1043g) ' and 'Antigravity Batteries AG1201 : 16oz (about 500g) '

or none, just 'typoerror' in specs (weight)?

2. what is the real Ah in 12 cell and 16 cell (not the PB Eq)
(I mean to drain out with camping ligts, eg., not starting the engine)

3. I've heard, that these batteries can't be charged with a normal lead-battery-charger but only with Antigravity special one?
if so, why? (normally of course, bike will charge it...)


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