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Excuse me Santa, could I please have in my shed the following:
1957 TT Moto Guzzi 350
AJS 7R, complete with tuned-length open meg.
A supercharger to go on my long as the carb sticks out the top of course.
One of those goofy 10ft long slammed Jap low-rider Ginza maxiscoots.
A 1970s raked, stretched, hard tail 100+ci hotrod Sportster........with whitewalls.
A VW Beetle streeter, flat black with flames and chrome hubcaps, that does low-12s on radials.

A small air-cooled scoot that sits on 100kph all day into the teeth of a storm!

I have a bit of time sitting around while tracking satellites in the wee hours ( ), and started thinking that maybe it would be smarter to improve the aero's than double the HP. Not that I intend either at first light, but some of these projects have got me wondering at the possibilities, without making the poor little scoot look like a jellybean that's gone into orbit........

And my favourite (might be a bit extreme though!)......

I rekn that's about enough silly daydreaming stuff for now!
Who the hell would drag race a Ducati?!?!?!?!
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