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Originally Posted by D.T. View Post
I see there is only 15# in the tank. It says right on it (Blue Whino).

I hate to drive all around and spend $10 in gas just to save $2 in propane. There is a refilling place about 5 miles south of me but a kid got killed about 5 years ago refilling propane tanks there.

Wally World have exchanges? I just called them and they said $17.97 for exchange to they are in the lead so far.
It seems like a terrible idea to refill tanks in an enclosed space like that. You have to vent some of the excess pressure from the tanks which allows a bit of gas to escape plus you lose a bit more when you remove the nozzle. It would be just the same if you had people filling their gas tanks inside a shed accidents would happen all the time. These things need to be in the open air so that the gas can dissipate. Regardless this is super sad to see. Especially with such a young kid.
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