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I spent Thanksgiving in Naperville (have lots of relatives there) and I grew up a few miles away from there so I know it well.

Downtown Naperville is way busier than it used to be (like you don't know). Parking is a premium, and scooter people are going to need space to unload pickups and trailers for scoots that need repairs, or need to be trucked home after purchase. I saw nothing that had that kind of set up in downtown proper.

You mentioned the many strip malls that are vacant due to the tanked economy. These make good sense- many will have cut rate leases, decent parking out front, and doors in the back big enough to bring scooters in for service. I have a feeling this makes much more business sense that to be in a boutique store across from the Lantern. You're not selling ice cream cones after all-

Hope you find a good brand to sell. The comments about selling upscale to suit your clientel are wise. You're lucky to live in such a wealthy community, although it means they will be way more demanding than a chinese scooter shop in some place like Lombard or Addision.

FYI- the Vespa dealer here (one of two) sells Genuine and SYM in addition to the high end Vespas- This pretty much means he's got something for every price point. And they share the space with a high end used car dealership (think BMW, Benz, Jag) to help leverage costs. I believe both are owned under the same umbrella. Pretty slick.

This also helps with the issue of foul weather business.

Hope all works out great for you. I'll keep my eyes open an hopefully come visit your shop next Thanksgiving!
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