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Originally Posted by redhandmoto View Post
You know, my old Dad and his crew had the NASA contract back in the 70s to do the calibration flights (Sechelles to Au) to dial-in stations like yours. Always came home reeking of Fosters and raving about how lovely Oz was.

If you're gonna go extreme aero, please please please do a downsized pimp Ginza lowrider - the roos and bunnies will flee the track.
Fosters?!?!?! Pah! Cats piss! Make mine a Jacks......
I find it unlikely us Aussies would have an influence on the drinking patterns of visiting 'Mericans! HAHA!

A stretched, slammed Ginza Ape?
Who the hell would drag race a Ducati?!?!?!?!
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