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Originally Posted by longtallsally View Post
Well, you already go it, so it's a foregone conclusion, but I'll throw $.02 in. I had a YJ for 14 years. Loved it. When the JK came out, we drove a Rubicon one with the 6 speed. Plenty nice, but too much cash for too little power, and the plasticy interior. I just couldn't justify $35k for axles, lockers, and T case surrounded by mediocrity.

Fast forward to last year and with baby here and the like, we needed a new family machine for re-entry to the States from Euroworthless. After a slew of research I ordered only my second ever new car to the exact spec we wanted. Getting to the point, we ordered the 6 speed (on principle in my book).

11k miles and nothing but smiles.

Wanna take the dirt bike?

No problem.

Wanna tow a camper?

Doesn't break a sweat.

Wanna go off road? And I don't mean mamby pamby off road, I mean the machine's namesake...

Just a couple dings here and there, air up and drive 70-75 back in AC comfort listening to satellite radio.

I'm 6'7" and I can fit in the seat behind me with the driver's seat in my position. Our 100+lb Rhodesian Ridgeback is swimming in space in the back. We've taken a passenger, the dog, the baby, my wife and I and been perfectly comfy driving all day.

The craziest part of it all? The fuel economy. Before the very mild lift, armor, winch and such and going up and over Sonora Pass I got 23 mpg. In town I can still get 19 (with the ~300lbs of armor and winch) if I drive like a grandpa and 18 or just under if I'm more interested in keeping up with traffic. Generally on the freeway at 70 mph we get 20+ mpg.

The break in drive was 3100 miles cross country with 400 being off road. Now a few months later, we did one of the toughest trails in the country with stock tires, and a very mild lift. I can't say enough nice things about it.

So again, back to the tranny, I love it. I skip gears, coast, or sometimes give an Italian tune up. Aside from the throw being about as long as a stroke from an Egyptian boat of Jesus' era, it's just fine.

Well, I guess there's not much more for you to say...I was gonna as your thoughts, ha ha!

I just ordered a 2013 Sahara Unlimited with the 3.73, limited slip, hard top, max tow, saddle leather. I have a newborn and that's my first thought (comfort, protection, ease of use for mom and I).

I nearly bought a 2012, but it had the "bad" head S/N so I opted to wait for a 2013 to be delivered here in Korea. As long as my family can put up with my Korea-dinky-car for 4 months, we'll be in the Unlimited in say March. I feel pretty good about this vehicle selection.
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