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Skid plate

I was kind of going back and forth on whether I wanted to mess with putting a skid plate on the bike. On one hand, I wanted one because they're practical and I plan to ride this bike offroad when the opportunity presents itself. Also, they're period correct and they look the business on a scrambler. However, I still have a good bit of metalworking and fabricating to do and I have sort of a love/hate relationship with metalwork. I have to be in the right mood to enjoy it and do a good job.
While looking through the parts for sale section here I learned that Honda actually offered an optional skid plate for the CB/CL350. That would be perfect since it would be a bolt-on affair, but I've also learned that they're really rare and the only ones that I've been able to locate are NOS units and quite expensive. I looked through my stack of random skid plates but didn't find one that would work without serious mods. Just tonight I was cleaning out an area of my shop when I came across one that wasn't in the stack where it should be. Turns out that it's almost a perfect fit! It's made of steel plate that's a good bit thicker than what I'm used to. You could crash into a boulder with this thing and not dent it. I have no idea what it's from originally, but the front mounts line up perfectly with the lower front engine mounts, and the curvature of the plate matches the frame rails perfectly. I'll have to fabricate the rear mounts, but they'll be very simple. I'll just weld some mounting points onto the rod between the foot pegs and bolt it up.
I can't post a picture right now because I guess I watched too many heavy metal videos on Youtube and exceeded my maximum bandwidth for the month. Sheesh. When my internet gets back up to speed I'll post a picture. It would be nice to know what it came on, too.
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