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Originally Posted by WOTDesigns View Post
Any time Turbo! Enjoy.

I did get to the bottom of the shipping issue: FLEXIBLE.

USPS considers an envelope with a rigid object inside it a package not an envelope EVEN THOUGH popped up a warning saying that the BOX OR PACKAGEING must be rigid to be a package rate... Technically it can't bend in half due to the contents so its actually a package not an envelope.

Learn something new every day.

The sad part is the other 40 that the USPS didn't notice... local USPS guy said "I'm surprised anyone even noticed one out of 50" LOL

someone had extra coffee that day

what does the band do, exactly? provide more surface for the clamp to grab? I tried it without it today as I didn't want to take my bark buster off, and it worked ok, I might move the BB farther on the end of the bar as my hand is a bit cramped between the lock and the bar end though so can put it on. Going to also try moving my brake lever farther outboard as the reach is longer now - no fancy adjustable levers here

works well though.

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