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Well, my Quota's been waiting for six months to be hooked to it's hack 'caus the best sidecar fitter in the region is way busy and the next best fitter wants to weld on the frame... No way! My airhead ST's muffler needs a half inch hole welded up too, and who knows what else is about to break... So clearly I need to upgrade my shop!

Have a 28 foot square garage to work with, and a huge living room with big southern exposed picture windows that's great for working on bikes. I'm thinking my 1st project should be a workbench big enough for a vice, drill press, band saw, bench grinder, etc. I'd like to make it narrow enough (~30") to fit through a door if I want to move it around. Should I put casters with brakes under it, or would that make it too easy to wander around when I'm really torquein' on sumpthin'? As for material, I've got a bunch of 2 by 4s, plywood, and decking left around from earlier projects- should I build the workbench from wood, or should I at least make the top out of steel in case I want to weld on it someday?

Also, any advice in what I should look for in a vise, drill press, band saw, bench grinder, etc.?

Thanks in advance, Diana
Mount as solid as possible, not on casters.
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