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Got my hack on.. Intro of sorts...

Hello everyone, I'm DJ, I'm a chopper guy with a love of all motorcycles. I've lurked here on ADV and posted very little for about a year and a half. Always thought a hack would be a kick in the ass and after reading through the forum here I had to pick one up. After a year or so of looking off and on I found one on this very site, my family and I drove down to Bend, Or and picked it up from inmate Miguel Sanchez. Mike is a great guy and the hack was better than he stated, we brought it home and I built mounts and got it on the road Thanksgiving day, the entire family had to have a ride, even the ones that said they didn't want to go, got in it when it was all said and done.

The hack is a 1975 Velorex, the tug is a Flyrite Choppers Smoking gun frame, it uses a Sportster power plant. I built the bike in my living room over a year and half period a few years ago and have about 7000 miles on it. I put some Buell XB heads and mild cams in it, so it runs OK.

I don't have many pics of it yet, here are a couple.

I've talked of building an "adventure" hack to ride the logging roads and travel with, after the first ride my wife, who rides her own bike, said we were going to start collecting material to build it.

I have a few mods in store for this one along with all the other stuff going on.

I'd like to think Claude at CSM for the advise on set up, with my guess work and his advise it went straight on the first try. Here are the pics you asked for the other day.

This is my road trip bike, remember I said I was a chopper guy?
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