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My latest creation

I posted this on the XR650L thread but the application is more universal. The uprights that attach to the bars are from Billet Innovtions. I did all the other fab work.
I had the opportunity to use the Voyager for the first time during the LA-Barstow-Vegas Dual Sport ride last weekend. The Voyager was a real life saver. It was a great way to verify that we were on the correct course while following the roll chart. The routes were easy to upload and the included USB adapter worked out really slick. I need to get a temp sensor extension so I didn't have that data available and I also seem to have an all too familiar problem with the tach readout not making sense. I set the scale to 10,000 but the tach shows maxed out even when at idle. I was diligent about only wrapping the lead around 5 times but things just don't seem to work.
One suggested improvement is to add the odometer readout to the map screen (or allow this screen to be customized too). While navigating on a ride like this the two critical pieces of information are position and distance since last reset. That data isn't available on one screen.
Other than the tach problem the Voyager is a great add to my bike.
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