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Also, any advice in what I should look for in a vise, drill press, band saw, bench grinder, etc.?

Thanks in advance, Diana
make a list of items you want in your shop, including the workbench, familiarize yourself with what's available new and the street price, then shop the heck out of craigslist, ebay, etc. for deals at a fraction of the cost of new. the difference in price often allows you to upgrade items on your list to commercial/industrial quality. some of your items will be found in like new condition. people use it once, are done with the job etc., then can't get rid of it fast enough.

if you're welding, get a steel bench. besides the safety issue, you'll be clamping straight edges, jigs, scribing lines, and so on. found used.

in a small shop, put everything on good quality casters that lock.

if a concern at your location, get a construction type job box to lock up anything small and portable. also found used, Knaack or equal, double locking. don't leave tools handy that can be used in an attempt to get into the jobbox. other words, don't chain a cutting torch to the jobbox like a superintendent of mine did several decades ago. the contents of the box were burned up, then the job trailer burned, and the super was soon referred to in the historical context.
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