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You can easily build a very solid workbench that bolts to the wall. I made mine from 2x8 that bolt to concrete anchors into the blocks that make up my garage. Drop plywood down on top and screw down with countersunk screws. Cheap, custom and heavy duty. If you want to make it a welding table just buy a sheet of steel and put that down on top. Also consider finding a SS commercial kitchen setup at auction or clist. They are usually reasonable and easy to keep clean.

For things like drill presses, band saws, vises etc, buy old and buy used. I'm talking like before 1960 old. The quality of those tools is simply unmatched by anything modern which is all made in Taiwan and China. Nothing wrong with that, but you'll appreciate working with a solid american made tool. Of course I have tools made overseas, but my American tools do the heavy lifting around the shop. Estate sales are a great place to get this stuff and usually you get it for super cheap. is a good place to start for local auctions in your area. Sometimes you come home empty handed but usually there are deals to be had.
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