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Originally Posted by Chris41483 View Post
I would like to hear from someone who doesn't like the new nc700 for whatever reason. I'm interested in one of those. How does it compare to the v-storm for those of you who have ridden both?
I'm in the market for a new bike and test rode an NC700X. I had talked myself into it being pretty cool. Technology - check. Reliability - double check. ABS - check. Efficient - check. Practical - double check. The thought of low center of gravity for handling, lightweight, and knowing I don't need 100HP to commute. I even kind of like the looks of it. In many ways it is genius engineering. I went in thinking it was going to be mine.

I HATED it. I rode the ABS/DCT version and I cannot begin to describe my loathing for an automatic transmission motorcycle. Combined with the low rev engine, it could not have been more soulless. Everything about the NC700 was about separating the rider from the bike. How can it have that low-end power and feel slow? How can it be that light and carry weight so low and feel lumbering in corners? The terrible, non-adjustable suspension has something to do with it - thing just bogs down in corner unless you really drive the front end down. Making that harder is that the brakes weren't great either -- stopping distances were tooooo loooong. Mind you that even if it wasn't all that much slower than other bikes (and I think it is), it just wasn't engaging. It is completely capable and yet completely terrible to ride. It is a Camry or a minivan.

And the more I think about it, the more I hate it. Why would someone bastardize a motorcycle in this way. Who would do such a thing, wringing all the rider/bike interaction out of a machine? Why would you turn my hobby into work and riders into automatons?

(Incidentally, I also test rode a Versys, which I found to be much more to my liking. Uglier, and (not a small problem) jammed my nuts into the tank, but I loved the revs, working the transmission and the cornering. Suspension and handling superior, power better, too. Very much more of an involved in the experience in riding.)
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