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I've been running a Emig damper for a few years now. Wouldn't say it slows the steering down all that much, if at all. It does a great job of calming the odd twitch. Made a huge difference in calming the wiggles from truck turbulence in highway traffic. I used to notice a fair bit of weaving about when following/passing vans, suvs and large trucks and the like, now it's totally stable. Also has helped with tracking over broken pavement, especially in turns. On the track, 100+ mph sweepers are much more relaxed as well.

I would never say the SM/SMR etc. NEED a damper. Does it improve the performance? Absolutely. It will allow you to ride with more control and less effort no matter how good you may be. Makes a great bike just that little bit better IMHO. If I ever felt it was taking away from the bikes ability I can simply turn the dampening off.

Not too different from adding a set of end cans really. They don't transform the bike but do add that little bit more. Nice to have? Sure. Do you NEED them? Not at all.

If you go with the Scotts or Emig you may want to consider lower rise bars, if you don't care to raise the bars that is. I went with a set of Driven bars in their CR Low bend, worked out great.

Here's my current setup using a Driven CR Low bend carbon bar and BONZ hand guard mounts with the Emig damper and clamps.



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My 950 is kinda twitchy, not really dangerous or anything but it steers as quick or quicker than anything I've ever owned. My question is, has anyone tried the Scotts Steering Stabilizer and their top triple clamp setup? Like it? Don't like it? Worthwhile investment?

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