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So it looks like we got bumped up to 3rd!

The no pitting/servicing a moving vehicle was put in place after we at Arciero/Miller re-fueled on Hwy 3 between Trinidad & San Matias. I'm glad they made the rule and I'm glad Sal is enforcing it.

Too bad for Vildosola, it was a bone head call to allow working on the truck while on the highway. One of the bad parts of a run to La Paz is that your resources (and often intelligence) is spread out and there is poor or no communication between resources. Drivers commonly get overwhelmed with the motivation to win and make stupid calls with little input from cooler heads. Robby Gordon is famous for making knee jerk dumb ass decisions.

I think the worst part of this was Vildosola's trying to come up with a lame ass excuse for what happened. They should have kept their mouth shut, Sal said none of it mattered anyway.

I know many guys on the Vildosola team and I think of them as good solid competition and a class act (at least most of the time). I also know many guys on BJ's team and I've even chased for BJ a couple of times. His face book "kiss my ass" comments are over the top and uncalled for. I hate to see Vildosola lose this way and I hate to see BJ win this way.
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