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hey guys,

Now that I got a taste of freedom,
it’s hard to get me back in front of the evil box.
I really want to reply to each comment, but I’m done.

Hope you can understand.
But I’m really happy that people enjoyed the report so much!
We loved the ride and it was a blast to re-live it with you guys.
In vivid technicolor.

Thanks for all the suggestions for our next ride!
Whew. I’m too exhausted to even think about that.
I have no idea what we’re doing next year, but you guys had some fun ideas.

Originally Posted by sibyib View Post
Oh yaaaa I want to make love to the mountain.

Thanks PinkPillion and live2ridetahoe for the Pauley Creek info and those great maps.
(Aimee, you're hardcore! riding out after losing all that blood...)
Matt wants to spend more time up there - we’ll be PMing you guys later.
Looking at the rain pouring down right now, I'm pretty sure the season is over.

SInce the world isn’t coming to an end after all,
I have a lot of stuff I need to get caught up on.
Three and a half months is a long time to have neglected things
(man, that was a long ride report)...

I didn’t want to post without some riding content,
so I was waiting for BigWan to give me some pics from his death valley trip.
Yeah. That wasn’t happening.

So, I did it myself.

Eureka Dunes

Apparently BigWan, Bartek990 and Greg (one of cap’n underpants’ friends) did a night ride from the dunes to Steele Pass and back.
Matt said it was really cool riding up Dedeckera Canyon in the dark. He had a great time.
The next day, they did it again in daylight on their way out.

Short video. Some sand leaving Eureka Dunes,
then Matt going up the steps at Dedeckera Canyon.
Sorry, it's not real clear. There's some condensation on the lens, and maybe some dust?

Looking back at the steps.

They found the blue marble tub this time! I’m sad I missed it.
(that's Bartek's sexy leg )

I’m also bummed I missed these adorable burros.
Look! It’s that notch-earred guy who hangs out at the Hot Springs.
Yet another one of Hanksmybuddy’s other buddies.

Fuzzy baby burro.

This was probably Mom. There were pics of her with eyes open, but I liked this one.

As I mentioned earlier, they swung by Lippincott and checked on the cone.
It wasn’t there.

Unfortunately, Matt didn’t get to to all the riding he had wanted to do.
He said the bike started giving him trouble going up Lippincott.
It only got worse from there.

But, they made it to Hidden Valley/Hunter Mountain.
Originally Posted by zeegman View Post
Hope to see you on the trail some soon.

Mike Z
Matt thought he would have run into JustPaul and zeegman somewhere in DV... Where were you guys?

They even stopped at the U2 site...
(on the way home)

Cap'n underpants, Bartek990, and Greg

Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
How is the bike?

But the bike, she was unhappy. Bad, bad, girl.
She was running like crap. Began stalling and sputtering.
And, eventually, wouldn’t start at all.
Matt and the 990 came home in a U-haul.

The shame.

So, after taking the bike apart repeatedly (in DV, and at home),
and checking every single safety...
(something was preventing the bike from starting - clutch switch, neutral switch, kickstand switch, etc...)
it looks like it was just a loose connector after all!

Mother brother!

Matt was pretty pissed at having missed so much good riding in DV,
but, on the upside - at least there’s nothing wrong with the bike.

The wire harness to the throttle body assembly was just slightly pulled out.
Probably from lifting the airbox to get to the cylinders (for the valve adjustment Matt did prior to leaving).
Once the connection was slightly loose, it just got worse with all the vibration in the dirt and rocks.
The bike started running rougher and rougher until...

Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
Miles on this one now? Burn any oil? How long do the wheel bearings last? Brake pads? Clutch?

GPS tracks to share?

Miles on the bike - about 30,000 after the Dirty ride. over 32,000 as of today.

Burn any oil? Not much. I think matt said we lose less than 1/3 liter between oil changes.

How long do the wheel bearings last? He changed them before we left, at about 21K.
Matt says if you’re the kind of guy who waits until they fall off and you have friends with furry slippers, you can probably get 28K out of them.

Originally Posted by larryboy View Post

Brake pads - he’s had stock pads in the rear last 10K. But this last one was a brand new set of pads and they were smoked at 3500 miles.

Clutch - he’s super good with the clutch. Matt still has the original clutch in the 990. Still the original clutch in his 2001 XR650R, too!

Regarding tracks (hey, look - I made that map bigger!)...

Matt and Norm had some words before Death Valley and it got pretty ugly.
They’re not really on speaking terms right now...
(“I’m not asking that stupid box for anything”) so no tracks at this point in time.
Sorry guys.

eventually I'll add an index to this thing, I'll try and add some track info then.

Originally Posted by kaia View Post
i'm prepping for f5-dakar madness, working on thread "scanning" tools... did you know that so far for this report, you've posted 3000+ images, not counting videos! (for reference, you posted ~2880 photos in your Summer of Stupid report)

that's madness! what an amazing story. i can't wait for the finish!

Hey kaia, if you ever come back and see this - can you scan the report now and tell me how many images I ended up posting? Just curious.

T - A - R - A - K - O!
Just because I found it in my bookmarks. Not the same without the theme song, though...

OK, everyone - thanks again for reading!
Have a great holiday season.

Hopefully, we’ll all make it to 2013.

thanks again, you guys!


OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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