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Troubleshoot, instead of just throwing money and effort at it without thinking things through first.

WHY is the bike stalling? Is it stalling before you release the clutch lever? Is it stalling because you let the clutch lever out too quick? Is it stalling because the clutch engagement is grabby instead of smooth? Is it stalling because you don't give it enough gas? Is it stalling because the fuelling is messed up? Is it stalling because there is a miss in the ignition? Is it stalling because the flywheel is much lighter than you're used to? Is it stalling because the bike has almost NO low-end torque compared to your old bike? Figure this out before throwing money or random training time and effort at it.

Even if it stalls in mid-turn, you should be able to pull the clutch lever in to keep it rolling...unless you haven't actually gotten the bike rolling just yet. Keep 2 fingers on the clutch lever while turning, so you can feather if needed. Is the new seat high for you? Is the weight up high for you?

When the bike low-sided, were you braking, applying power, or coasting? Were the tires scrubbed in all the way to the edge of the tread yet? What was your reaction right as it broke loose? Were there any contaminants/bumps/dips on the road? Are you used to sliding a bike around in the dirt?
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