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So another Saturday goes past, and the bike gets a little better, the next two jobs will be the front fork oil, and the dynamo cover.
Fork oil: I use 9 oz./265 cc of 30w fork oil. The factory spec. is 5.4 oz./160 cc, but with that amount you have no damping from approx. 3/4 extended to full extension. There's not a lot anyway, but the extra few ounces does seem to help.

Which dynamo cover(s) do you have - metal two-piece or plastic one-piece? No matter what I've done so far, the metal ones rattle around and irritate the heck out of me. I never have them on long before I take them off again. The plastic one requires that you remove all sorts of bits to install it. So, I follow Mark Etheridge's (of Moto Guzzi Classics) advice - I slice it down the center. I actually remove a strip about 1"/26mm wide from the center. Then each half can be easily installed without removing anything significant. Fender washers under the fixing bolts will help prevent cracking.
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